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My ambition is simple - to be fearless in my devotion to pushing the boundaries. For twelve years I have earned my living as a sailor, racing around the world, battling the elements and being witness to the incredible power of the oceanic world. I have become increasingly fascinated with how to capture life on the ocean and visually tell the story of human endeavour in an extremely hostile but stunningly captivating environment. My journey as a videographer is a new chapter in my life. Live. Learn. Inspire.

I admit it, I am an Instagram addict, so click on the icon top left of the page to follow me.  I love to snap and share those moments that make me smile, inspire me or just tug at my heart strings.  I am lucky that my career takes me all over the world and so I can share snapshots of my travels and experiences with you.  Click on the 'On Fim' button to view some of my latest videography projects and don't forget to follow my new page on Vimeo.  

On Film

Whether you want to chat about sailing, speaking, writing or videography I am always happy to hear from you.  Visit the contacts page to see how to get in touch with me wherever I am in the world and I will get back to you ASAP to see how I can help with your project.  I can also engage the servies of additional professional camera operators and photographers to coordinate the ultimate story telling team for your campaign.  

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